Inner Peace

Welcome to Affirmation Tuesday!

Abundant blessings to you this week. I am sending you love and kindness as I hold a personal watch of keeping my thoughts and words positive. 

Each Tuesday I will provide a free coloring page and an affirmation that you can use to focus on while you are coloring. I have found that coloring lowers my heart rate and puts me in a state of quiet. Doing this, I am more receptive to Spirit so I use this time to say my affirmations over and over until they become a part of my consciousness.

As I pray for my family,  prayer partners, and the world, I know that peace is a request that is often asked for when praying for someone.  At times peace is needed for those in the throes of every day life and with a little peace and stillness, their days would be much easier to get through.  I also know that peace is something that we all strive for at some point in our lives.  I am saying the following affirmation so that peace and stillness is supplied right where it is needed for everyone needing peace in their lives.

Here is your affirmation for the week…In the stillness I find peace.

Life is filled with responsibilities: work, family, personal goals, and more. Each of these is important, but there are times when I may feel my time and attention pulling in multiple directions.

When this happens, I have a go-to activity that calms me and keeps me grounded: I spend time in the stillness. This doesn’t have to be a long time of meditation. It can simply be a few minutes of turning away from all of the outer distractions to breathe and relax.

I find peace and strength in quiet moments of prayer. I take just a few moments to center my thoughts and enter an inner sanctuary of peace, letting all else slip away. During this time of rest and renewal, I find strength and peace beyond my human awareness. All is divine.

In quietness and in trust shall be your strength.—Isaiah 30:15

Whatever my need, I know it will be met. I am a steward of divine abundance. I give and receive with gratitude.  

Below is my colored image from last Tuesday.  I want to encourage you to post your images so that I can enjoy your art therapy as well. I am mostly on Instagram and can follow along, just tag #AffirmationTuesdayColoring so that I can find your amazing colorings.

Following the colored image is your free coloring page you can print and size it to your liking for this week.  Please post, I really want to see your work!

As Always…Wishing you peace, abundant blessings and answered prayers.

 Namaste. 🙏🏽


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