Welcome to Affirmation Tuesday!

Abundant blessings to you this week. I am sending you love and kindness as I hold a personal watch of keeping my thoughts and words positive. 

I will provide a free coloring page and an affirmation that you can use to focus on while you are coloring. I have found that coloring lowers my heart rate and puts me in a state of quiet. Doing this, I am more receptive to Spirit so I use this time to say my affirmations over and over until they become a part of my consciousness.

Please speak to each other with love and kindness...no matter what, we are all connected!

Here is your affirmation for the week... I live in harmony with all.

Harmony is the chord of agreement. Musically, harmonious notes create sounds agreeable to the listener. I strive for harmony in my life by thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that encourage accord in my relationships.

Drawing from my spiritual faculties of love and judgment, I foster harmony by honoring the ideas of others. I listen with intention. I value all viewpoints, knowing that each person brings a different background and perspective to each situation.

I do my part to promote unity by giving space and attention to ideas that differ from mine and finding new ways to encourage agreement. In doing so, I help create an environment of mutual respect where all involved work toward a common goal.

Live in harmony with one another.—Romans 12:16I want to encourage you to post your images so that I can enjoy your art therapy. 

I am mostly on Instagram and can follow along, just tag #AffirmationTuesdayColoring so that I can find your amazing colorings.

Following is your free coloring page you can print and size it to your liking for this week.  Please post, I really want to see your work!

As Always…Wishing you peace, abundant blessings and answered prayers.

 Namaste. 🙏🏽


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