Welcome to Affirmation Tuesday!

Abundant blessings to you this week. I am sending you love and kindness as I hold a personal watch of keeping my thoughts and words positive. 

Each Tuesday I will provide a free coloring page and an affirmation that you can use to focus on while you are coloring. I have found that coloring lowers my heart rate and puts me in a state of quiet. Doing this, I am more receptive to Spirit so I use this time to say my affirmations over and over until they become a part of my consciousness.

Here is your affirmation for the week…I am patient in all things.

Through each phase of my journey, I let life unfold according to divine timing. Wherever I find myself, I have faith that I am here by serendipitous, divine appointment. My positive attitude reflects my certainty that each place and each moment along the journey is holy.

If I cannot immediately see the sacredness or divine order in a situation I am facing, I remember that I have within me all I need to solve any challenges. Faith in God within me provides the patience and impetus I need to move forward on my journey with ease and efficiency.

Viewing life from a higher consciousness prepares me for new beginnings.

As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.—Colossians 3:12

Whatever my need, I know it will be met. I am a steward of divine abundance. I give and receive with gratitude.  

I don’t have a colored image from last Tuesday, my printer died!  I have been working on patience with my Epson printer…which as of today, they are sending me a new printer at no cost.  Practicing patience and faith in Divine Order, even the mundane of tasks, all are working towards my good.  God is good and I am so grateful for all of my blessings.  Even though I could not print and color, I did color, below is one of my colorings from last week. I want to encourage you to post your images so that I can enjoy your art therapy as well. I am mostly on Instagram and can follow along, just tag #AffirmationTuesdayColoring so that I can find your amazing colorings.

Following the colored image is your free coloring page you can print and size it to your liking for this week.  Please post, I really want to see your work!

As Always…Wishing you peace, abundant blessings and answered prayers.

 Namaste. 🙏🏽


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