Welcome to Affirmation Tuesday!

Abundant blessings to you this week. I am sending you love and kindness as I hold a personal watch of keeping my thoughts and words positive. 

Each Tuesday I will provide a free coloring page and an affirmation that you can use to focus on while you are coloring. I have found that coloring lowers my heart rate and puts me in a state of quiet. Doing this, I am more receptive to Spirit so I use this time to say my affirmations over and over until they become a part of my consciousness.

Happy Tuesday!! I needed this affirmation because I have emotional ups and down going on in my world...I needed to breathe!  When I read this I Immediately closed my eyes and got quiet, I looked within and sat in the quiet. It gave me a sense of calm and it allowed me to focus on my faith.  I know who my Source is and I know what I am promised. I am now waiting for my miracle to appear.
Here is your affirmation for the week…Breath is my connection to Spirit.

In The Happiness Trap Pocketbook, authors Bev Aisbett and Dr. Russ Harris share, “Mindful breathing  ... [is] an anchor, to hold you steady in the midst of an emotional storm.” Throughout the day I notice the rate of my breathing—rapidly when I exercise, or slow and deliberate when I am calm.

When I close my eyes and breathe deeply and deliberately, I quiet my mind. I become more aware of my thoughts and my ability to direct them.

I focus on attitudes and ideas that foster positive outcomes. As I inhale and exhale, I consider the blessings in my life and feel the richness of absolute gratitude. Steadied by a sense of oneness with Spirit, I breathe easily and gratefully.

When he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit.”—John 20:22

Whatever my need, I know it will be met. I am a steward of divine abundance. I give and receive with gratitude.  

I want to encourage you to post your images so that I can enjoy your art therapy. I am mostly on Instagram and can follow along, just tag #AffirmationTuesdayColoring so that I can find your amazing colorings.

Following is your free coloring page you can print and size it to your liking for this week.  Please post, I really want to see your work!

As Always…Wishing you peace, abundant blessings and answered prayers.

 Namaste. 🙏🏽


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